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For Your Smart Home

Repair, Recycle or Sell Your Electronics.


Why Electronic Advisor?

E-Advisor's service helps consumers repair, recycle or sell their electronic and electricals in exchange for feedback on their experience. Survey data helps manufacturers and retailers gain critical customer insights.

How It Works

First, purchase a voice recognition hardware system. Activate the E-Advisor service.
Next, agree to the terms and conditions on privacy before describing your experience with the product(s).
Third, either show the item to the camera (image recognition) or tell E-Advisor the make/model number.
Finally, E-Advisor's repair, recycling or sales scripts help you make the best decision for what to do next with your electronic items.

Demonstration Videos for Repairs, Recycling & Sales

Electronic Advisor (with Amazon Echo & Alexa Voice Service)


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Access E-Advisor via the following hardware providers...

Amazon Echo

Available for purchase now

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, enable Electronic Advisor...E-Advisor here. How may I help you?"

Google Home

Coming in March 2017

Google Home

"Ok Google, let me talk to Electronic Advisor about repairing my toaster."

Apple HomeKit

Scheduled for late 2017

Apple Home

"Siri, ask Electronic Advisor for my nearest recycling point."

Electronics & Electricals Manufacturers

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Benefits for manufacturers include

Electronics & Electricals Retailers

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Benefits for retailers include